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***Halloween & Holiday Specials ***  

Good Day to You All! Can you believe it is now the beginning of October? Before long the Holidays will be here. As we watch the news each night, we see there are so many things going on in the world now. We want to keep ourselves and those we love safe and secure and the holiday season affords us a special chance to do just that. But how do we do that? Where do we start? Well, by visiting our website you have made a great beginning. Do you have an area of special concern for safety such as in your car or your home? Have you thought about personal safety or safety of your kids while they are away at school? To help you with some ideas for safety in these circumstances, we have some suggestions for you. We have a collection of four different SafeFamilyLife kits that have special pricing for the holiday season.

First off, we have the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit. This kit contains items you should have for safety in your car. The items include pepper spray, a window breaker, a seat belt cutter, a signal light and more. This kit is listed at $85.00 but we are now reducing it to $65.00, a savings of $20.00 to you! To view this kit, put in the SKU #: SFL-VEHICLE in the search box at the top right of this page.

Another great kit is the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women. This kit is great for those who are often out after dark - perhaps when they get out of work or maybe like to run or walk in early morning or late evening. To view the contents of this kit, search for: SFL-PERSONAL in the search box above. This kit is listed at $99.00, but we have reduced it by $20.00 so you can purchase it for $79.00.

We have two other great kits on sale - The Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit, listed at $119.00 but on special for $94.00 - a $25.00 savings. View it by searching for SFL-APARTMENT. And finally the Extreme College Survival Kit - listed at $129.00 now on special for $99.00 - a $30 savings. View it at SFL-COLLEGE.

We have one last very special item that is one of our best values in PROFESSIONAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS. This item is our 360 degree Wireless HD Camera System. You can view it by searching above for CS-HD360-DVR. This camera has the capability of viewing 360 degrees for approximately 180 feet from the camera. This is an area large enough to cover your entire house, an office, a convenience store or even a small warehouse! It is activated by motion or can be left continually running. Best of all, it has Internet Protocol which means you can view the area covered on any internet ready device such as your cell phone or tablet. This camera is listed at $474.00 but we are now reducing it to $374,00 - a savings to you of $100.00!!!

Finally, we have added some specials just for the Halloween Ghosts & Goblins in you homes. See the ways you can keep track of your kids by looking at our Child Safety Page, our Pet Safety Page and our Personal Safety Light page. They are all found under the category Personal Safety. There are some great specials there. And don't forget that everything on our website is at least 10% off the listed price. Just be sure to use the coupon code "TEN" when you place your order.

Please visit our website frequently as we run specials from time to time. If you have any questions about our products, please call (800) 859-5566. If you want to contact us personally, please email us at: OCONNOR.ENTERPRISES.LLC@GMAIL.COM. We appreciate all the purchases that you have made and the comments and suggestions you have. We'll leave you with this Irish Blessing:

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.  

Our best to you! -- Larry & Margaret O'Connor

If you want to purchase any item in a larger quantity, please email us at OCONNOR.ENTERPRISES.LLC@ GMAIL.COM and let us know what you would like to order.  We will make the best deal we can for you!

Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray
Protect yourself from evil, use the Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray with a touch of garlic..
Taser Bolt, with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges, 1 soft holster, lithium power magazine(battery pack), and target.
Mini Clip
on Smiley Face Button Spy Hidden Camera
Smile you're on camera, the Smiley face camera is awesome it records in 720x480 resolution and can easily be clipped on to clothing, backpacks, and purse straps..

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