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February and March Specials

We have chosen special items to discount based upon your requests.  You can find some items in each of our catalog sections.  We hope you enjoy them all!

Don't forget that everything on our website is discounted at least 10% off the listed price. Just be sure to use the coupon code "TEN" when you place your order. Note: some specials are excluded from this code because they already are discounted more than 10%

We appreciate the support that all of you have given to us.  

"There are good ships and there are wood ships, Ships that sail the seas.

But the best ships are Friendships, and may they always be."  

 Larry & Margaret O'Connor

(If you want to purchase any item in a larger quantity, please email us at OCONNOR.ENTERPRISES.LLC@ GMAIL.COM and let us know what you would like to order.  We will make the best deal we can for you!)

Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray
Protect yourself from evil, use the Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray with a touch of garlic..
Taser Bolt, with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges, 1 soft holster, lithium power magazine(battery pack), and target.
Mini Clip
on Smiley Face Button Spy Hidden Camera
Smile you're on camera, the Smiley face camera is awesome it records in 720x480 resolution and can easily be clipped on to clothing, backpacks, and purse straps..


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